Dems Attack! Portland Mayor Just BANNED All Trump Supporters From Doing This One Thing


The Mayor of Portland, Oregon just demonstrated his real nature today when he reported his expectation to STEAL the first Amendment from Trump supporters.

I wish this was a joke, yet I’m not in the smallest. Chairman Ted Wheeler is presently effectively requiring the cancelation of the “Trump free discourse rally” and ANY comparable revives starting here on.

As indicated by the SJW leader, expert Trump and star Conservative occasions “peddle a message of disdain.”

What’s much more diseased is that the chairman is utilizing the HORRIBLE disaster that occurred in his city to push his plan. He referenced the White Supremacist who killed the young fellow and Navy Veteran on a prepare throughout the end of the week.

Additionally, it’s nuts to state that President Trump advocates for individuals like this when he plainly does not. In the event that the Mayor took 5 seconds to peruse this Tweet posted by the President today he could see with his own eyes where Donald Trump and his supporters stand.


See? Oh and as far as the claim that those are “Trump’s people”, here is the murder being REJECTED by Trump supporters at the rally he was kicked out of.

IIt’s just like I said before, Mayor Wheeler could have seen this for himself with a basic web look. Be that as it may, his fanaticism towards the privilege obfuscated his judgment and now he is dismissing them and the US Constitution.

You could see this and say “Well, it’s not in my state so who cares?” However, it’s critical to share this out and disclose to them we won’t sit by and watch this happen. Something else, to what extent until Liberals around the nation make it ILLEGAL to try and think in an unexpected way?



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