What John Brennan Just Admitted About Election Means Trump Is SAVED!


Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan’s listening ability on the Russian decision impedance was today. Withing MINUTES of beginning, Trey Gowdy and his team were down Brennan’s throat.

The Republicans began nagging him. Inquiring as to whether he saw ANY confirmation of Trump working with Russia amid the decision.

Brennan admitted that he saw ZERO evidence of collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

Stunning. There is not by any stretch of the imagination any squirm room there.

That, as well as said he has not seen any confirmation to go down the WaPo’s unwarranted cases that Trump has been asking MULTIPLE insight chiefs and individuals to deny Russia for him. OUCH!

See, I am not saying that I trust what Brennan said. This man has done NOTHING to demonstrate that he is reliable. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to deny that him saying there is no proof in regards to Trump, who he especially abhorrences, is definitely not reality.

He additionally said one all the more extremely fascinating thing. John Brennan proposed that Russia’s fundamental methodology is to cut the US off from their ties far and wide and partition the country.

So I will abandon you with a last believed: Is it Russia fake-spilling to the Liberal media since they know the MSM will pursue ANY tale about Trump they can?

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