Obama Aide Attacks Trump With Pic Of Obama Hugging Hurricane Victim, Forgets 1 HUGE Problem


The Democrats are hard up and seeking to figure out how to assault Trump over what so far has been a decent reaction to Hurricane Harvey, commended by the Texas senator.

At the point when concentrate ought to be on helping individuals, what’s happening with Democratѕ?

Taking a gander at Melania’s shoes and endeavoring to make arguments against Trump.

The present argument of the day is that Trump has no sympathy since he professedly didn’t embrace anybody in Texas when he was there.

Previous Barack Obama associate Ben Rhodes, the man who included noticeably in both the Iran Deal and the Benghazi ideas update, tweeted this out.


This is the encased picture.

Others likewise referred to this photo.

In any case, they overlook the undeniable realities behind the photo.

This was nine days after Hurricane Sandy where there had been a ghastly reaction all around, from New Jersey to the national government.

The photo was taken October 31, 2012, just before what was thought to be a tight decision with Mitt Romney. So this was, in fact, a ‘photograph operation’ for his race, the very thing they’re attempting to blame Trump, who has no decision coming up.

It is of note that once he was chosen and there were another sea tempest and flooding in Louisiana, Obama couldn’t be tried to return from his August get-away to visit.

What’s more, we should survey what occurred with that lady Obamа embraced, Donna Vanzant. She trusted Obama had guaranteed to help her amid that embrace.

After his visit, I sent an email to President Obama. Numerous days after the fact, I recovered a reaction. It was exasperating.

In what way?

It had nothing to do with what I was asking him. It was a framed letter. It said thanks to me for supporting the troops. He made a guarantee to reconstruct on national TV, and I can’t get this cash. It’s shocking, truly. I reached out to Senator Whelan, and I got a reaction that they were sending my email to the individual that Governor Christie put responsible for Sandy help. Be that as it may, from President Obama, I got a shape letter.

She kept in touch with him an email and recovered a shape letter, with no affirmation or acknowledgment of her identity.

Also, that was it for Obama, no assistance, no genuine compassion, past the race embrace.

In the interim, we should take a gander at what Texas Governor Greg Abbott really said in regards to the reaction from Trump and the central government. He said it was the speediest, most responsive ever, and that their brisk activity would guarantee that individuals would get alleviation quicker to help in recuperation.

So we have the exhaust tricky photograph operation versus the real offer assistance.

Which demonstrates the more prominent humankind and more worry for individuals’ misery, Ben?



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