Right After Germany Attacked Trump, What He Did Next Is Insane!


The days when the United States just kowtows to different nations… like Germany for instance… are over. In any event while Donald Trump is President.

The German Chancellor clearly doesn’t care for the things President Trump said while on his abroad excursion as of late. President Trump has made it clear that he will do what is best for the United States, first. What’s more, she evidently doesn’t that way.

Chancellor Merkel said on Sunday that “the times in which we could rely fully on others-they are somewhat over.”

Maybe she’s steamed on the grounds that President Trump place it in her face that we have a gigantic exchange deficiency with Germany AND they aren’t paying what’s coming to them on NATO and the military:

Tune in, it isn’t so much that President Trump wouldn’t like to have great associations with different nations, including Germany. It’s quite recently that

Trump’s not going to put up with other countries taking advantage of us anymore.

Trump is a solid pioneer and he doesn’t back down. Germany needs to make the wisest decision, pay what’s coming to them, quit exploiting and we can all get along fine and dandy.

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