TRUTH HURTS: What Just Leaked About Joe Scarborough And Jared Kushner Will DESTROY Them


With the war that has been pursued amongst Trump and Morning Joe, it’s anything but difficult to overlook the entire thing begun once again a National Enquirer story excursion Joe Scarborough’s and Mika Brzezinski’s dirty laundry.

As per Joe, Trump attempted to “extort” him into having the story dropped. At that point, a White House help released a story that progressions everything, and it’s about Jared Kushner…

Morning Joe BEGGED Jared Kushner to help quash the article!


Yes. Scarborough is famously close with Kushner. Probably he was embarassed by the story, so he rang the White House guide to request a Presidential support.

Obviously, Kushner said NO WAY and the story disclosed. From that point onward, Joe truly went ‘psycho’.

Giving even more credence to the story (and less to Morning Joe) was National Enquirer’s head editor Dylan Howard who said,

“No one controls the editorial decision-making process at the National Enquirer other than me.”

So now it’s up to the public to decide. Will you trust Joe Scarborough or President Donald J Trump?


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